The Society for Cognitive Studies of the Moving Image (SCSMI) fosters interdisciplinary research within the areas of moving image history, theory, and aesthetics; cognitive science; and the philosophy of mind and art. The Society supports dialogue in all directions, so that every represented discipline may learn from the others. Through exchange, debate, and collaboration among moving image theorists, historians, analysts, philosophers, scientists, and artists, SCSMI promotes research into moving image media and the ways in which such media reflect, shape, and are shaped by the human mind.

From the Forum

Papers announcement: filmmaker-subject relationship

By Fernando Canet

Dear colleagues, Just a few words to share with you my last two articles published in Studies in European Cinema and Studies in Documentary Films. The latter has been co-authored by my colleague Héctor J. Pérez. Both articles are based … more . . .

VR and Storytelling

By Michael Grabowski

This short article/video brings up several issues/possibilities for research regarding VR: Eye strain after 10-15 minutes makes it difficult now for feature film VR. Best stories (like online videos) are short (5-10 min.) Every new technology goes through an infatuation … more . . .

07gray-master768The Problem with Slow Motion

By David Bordwell

Watching slow-motion footage of an event can certainly improve our judgment of what happened. But can it also impair judgment? more . . .

CFP: American Society for Aesthetics 75th Anniversary Meeting, 2017

By Ted Nannicelli

Dear Colleagues, Of potential interest to some of you: Call for Papers for the 75th Annual Meeting of the American Society for Aesthetics in New Orleans, Louisiana, November 15-18, 2017   Papers on any topic in aesthetics or the philosophy … more . . .